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Golden Goddesses
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spotlight on Laurie Holmes/Misty Dawn

The original 'Spotlight on Laurie Holmes/Misty Dawn' (excerpted from the book) posted July 2012, was deleted when I tried to correct the text formatting after I recently updated my blog. Therefore, I have re-posted it today.

At forty-nine years old, Laurie Holmes (born Laurie Rose) is an apt example of what it is to be a survivor although she’d be the first one to proclaim she’s nobody’s victim. As the youngest of three children from a nuclear family in New Mexico, Laurie was not unlike any other little girl growing up in the southwestern United States during the late 1960s and 1970s. The daughter of a military man and kindergarten teacher, Laurie grew rebellious in nature during her teen years. She was sent to live in foster homes before becoming pregnant by her boyfriend at age sixteen. When she was unable to reclaim the carefree years she’d lost before becoming a young mother, Laurie entered adult movies in 1982 to support her young son and chose the stage name “Misty Dawn”.  
     In her first feature film, The Best Little Cathouse in Las Vegas (aka For Love or Money, 1982) Laurie co-starred opposite her favorite veteran actress at the time, Rhonda Jo Petty. Although her tenure as a performer was sporadic, her petite stature in conjunction with a high-spirited girlish essence and well-formed figure, made Laurie popular with male audiences.
     "My first movie was called The Best Little Cathouse in Las Vegas (1982) with Rhonda Jo Petty who was starring in the lead role. Rhonda became one of my favorite actresses for the longest time. 
      In the early years, I was star struck and found it all to be extremely exciting. After a while, I found that it wasn’t what I had initially thought. I didn’t get as much work when I first started working just like everyone else, and there was always someone new or prettier coming along. I found it was hard to cope with feelings of rejection at such a young age. It was very difficult. You are so young and you try to hide those feelings. I know I did, but still, they are there inside of you to deal with."
     "I danced from age twenty-nine to thirty-five, and even at that age it was rough. I needed the speed to get me there and keep me dancing throughout the night. I needed the alcohol to cut the chase of the speed. The sugar in the alcohol also gave me a false sense of energy and security. In my experience, ninety-nine percent of the girls were in the same boat I was. There was usually one girl in the entire bunch that didn’t need the drugs or alcohol, and usually, she was the youngest one.
     In many ways, stripping is much harder on your body and your psyche than doing porn. When you are in a movie, you have wardrobe, a make-up artist, and a cameraman looking to get the best angle on you. When you are stripping, you don’t. Women are stripping because they can no longer get work in the movies. It takes a lot of energy to dance all night, so like I said you have got to have something to get you there and keep you there. You know in your mind that you’re not the same hot sex object that you used to be and the competition is fierce, yet when you come out on stage everyone is expecting to see the way you were, not the way you are now. It takes even more drugs and alcohol — and some tips — to make you feel like 'you’ve still got it,' until the next day when you wake up, look in the mirror and your reality and mortality is staring back at you. Then you turn around and do it all over again. It is rough enough for a regular aging stripper, but to have the expectation of being what you used to be on top of it ― yet, if you were to use a different name other than your porn name, nobody would come see you at all. 
     I think it’s extremely sad that many of the girls don’t know how to become normal working people after porn, and they have such little self-esteem they think they can’t do anything else but rely on their aging and abused bodies. It’s a vicious, psychological cycle enhanced by your over-the-hill aging body. Again, I stripped for roughly five years and I would never do it again. I feel sorry for those girls. Porn was much easier and prettier."

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