Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spotlight on Kelly Nichols

In this second entry, former adult/mainstream thespian and make-up artist extraordinaire, the hypnotic and alluring Ms. Kelly Nichols, speaks about the stark contrasts between the history of the adult film and its contemporary environment, within the ever changing landscape.

"I think that pornography is the microcosm of Hollywood in a lot of ways.  It was really interesting because the time that I was doing it, they were developing more dialogue – this was before Beta and VHS and before you could rent the films and take them home.  We were still competing with Hollywood films.  In Love and Roommates were playing at straight theatres during the same time they were playing in porn theatres.  In fact, they both got write-ups with [columnist] Judith Christ.  That was kind of interesting, so Hollywood was getting nastier, and we were getting closer to mainstream.  We were getting closer and closer to the punch and then Home Video happened. 

I was friends with all of the guys at the Pussycat Theatres and I used to be the one girl who would sit around and drink with them.  I’d tell them outright, 'Guys, you’ve got to change your business, because people can take the films home and no one will go to your theatre,' and no one did anything.  They lost fortunes.  I was just a little porn star in 1982 going, 'It’s going to change guys,' and by 1984, it already had."

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