Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
Front Cover: Serena

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spotlight on Veronica Hart

Periodically, in the months leading up to the book's release I will be casting the spotlight on a specific "Golden Goddess" to be featured in her own chapter, by posting snippets of our conversations on this blog.  Veronica Hart, one of the hottest and most respected adult thespians (and directors) whose acting credentials include credible work in Roommates, Amanda by Night, and the mainstream feature film Boogie Nights, expresses her interpretation of "feminism" and how it applies to her.

"Being able to make your own choices in life, even though they might be unpopular with people and other women.  Nobody forced me to choose the path that I chose.  I chose it myself and I’m very glad.  What other genre would I be able to be so successful as a star, and as a director; as a producer, an occasional writer, and as an editor?  Where else could I do all of those things and be successful, be given a shot and given a chance?  Or even be listened to?  I am a feminist and this is one of the only jobs where the women are paid more than the men, so I consider myself a big feminist.  I’m able to make my own decisions about my life, and choose the kind of work that I want to do.  I have control over my body and I might use my body, or my brains, as little or as much as I want.  I believe that anybody who decides to go into sex work that has a choice of doing other things, I think they are feminists.  You have to be."
Hart also touches on what she believes is part of her personal legacy:
"To be smart, intelligent, and again being the type of woman or person that most people wouldn’t think would be involved in adult, I believe that’s what it is.  I feel that people tend to dismiss us as a bunch of bimbos who can’t put a sentence together, so I think that’s the deal.  Many of my friends, you talk to us, and you realize that there’s more going on there." 


  1. What ever happend to Sheri St. Claire ?

    1. I apologize for not replying earlier. I believe Sheri St. Claire has a dog grooming business in Los Angeles.