Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Golden Goddesses - On Track

Golden Goddesses is currently on pace to meet its required fall 2012 deadline.  In recent months I have been putting the finishing touches on interviews that commenced in September 2009, writing introductions, reviewing selected film work, and constructing chapters.  Since this project was conceived, three legendary women passed away unexpectedly: Marilyn Chambers, Juliet Anderson and Barbara Caron Mills.  Fortunately, their interviews were completed and will be included in the book.  As a rather nice addendum to Ms. Chambers' chapter, reflections from her daughter, McKenna, and also from Valerie Gobos, the producer of Marilyn Chambers' documentary (now in the works) will be added to enhance Marilyn's own recollections.  In a similar vein, Greg Yedding, the son of one of the first female adult directors on the west coast, Ann Perry, also weighed in with thoughts and remembrances about his mother who is now unwell.  Carly Mills recently spoke with me about what her mother, Barbara, and her life had meant to Carly and her family.

In April, I will be traveling to New York to meet with former sexploitation/adult/horror filmmaker, Roberta Findlay, who (in a rare moment) granted me an interview that was as illuminating as it was informative.  I plan to tour Sear Sound, the prestigious recording studio she now presides over, as well as peruse her cache of posters and film stills of days gone by...

Goddesses (not to be confused with Mr. Sheen's "Goddesses") promises to showcase engaging ballsy women at their finest - as their vulnerability, truth, and great strokes of reality will hopefully surprise and incite interest (while absorbed) in conjunction with an impressive collection of many new photographs, poetry and artistic impressions.

I am pleased and proud to have assumed the role as facilitator during this ongoing process, that continues to pique my curiosity, teach me new lessons every day, and ignite my spirit. 

More to come.


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