Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spotlight on Marilyn Chambers

Of all the female stars to resonate with aficionados of the Golden Era of adult features, Marilyn Chambers is one of the few personalities to successfully crossover to mainstream.  Considering that she was highly selective about movie roles and public appearances makes her stature all the more impressive.  Legendary for her professionalism and her unbridled, acrobatic sexual eccentricities onscreen, Chambers was also known for her smarts and no-holds-barred brand of honesty.  In June of 2007, I interviewed Marilyn for John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches and fortunately, we also ventured into other areas of discussion which will be presented in "Goddesses" in her feature chapter aptly titled, “Girl Next Door goes Behind the Green Door”.  In the excerpts below, Marilyn touches on her career as a woman and as a mother who understood the true meaning of duality. 

"When VHS came out that was a huge turning point.  Because then people started shooting on video.  You could be the straightest, staunchest person in the world, but this is a person’s human nature.  They are curious about sex.  Everybody has sexual fantasies.  And the older I get, I believe you don’t want those fantasies.  That’s a private thing that you do in your own home, or behind closed doors, unless you’re a swinger.  Everybody doesn’t have to know what your sexual fantasies are.  We are different people in this world.  We are different people when we go to work.  In a straight job, around the water cooler, you can’t say, ‘Oh yeah, we did this and that’ because it’s going to haunt you.  Our generation, we just wanted to be free and live the way we wanted to, but that’s not how life works."

"The best thing that’s ever happened to me is my daughter.  To be a mom is the best thing in the world.  You know, that’s all I ever really wanted to do after I had finished doing films."

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  1. She really struck me as a beautiful soul and definitely one of the boldest actresses to have come out of that era. She sounds like she was an awesome mom to boot.