Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Monday, July 2, 2012

July News!

I'd like to share the news that I have completed "Golden Goddesses" and the manuscript was sent to my publisher on July 1st. The attached photo of Marilyn Chambers is courtesy of Mitchell Brothers Film Group and will appear in the book. I will continue to post excerpts from the book over the next few months and announce the publication date once I have that information. In the meantime, the following is an excerpt from my book's introduction. Enjoy!

     "In this book, I have accentuated twenty-five resplendent women of the Golden Age of erotic films who worked on both the east and west coasts of the United States between the years 1968-1985. My intention is to escort readers toward a clearer understanding of the beautiful and intrepid females who favored an alternative profession in adult cinema that was cultivated at the apex of the 1960s sexual revolution. By the early 1970s, porno was chic, and performers helmed by artful directors were personified in genuine scripts, supported by costuming and make-up departments in quality film projects that often culminated in red carpet premieres. Several individuals, and particularly women who began working in loops and sexually oriented films prior to the porno chic juncture, and/or up until the mid-1980s video boom, became legitimate silver screen stars. To suggest that their chosen path has been comfortable or without debris would be false, for as each unfolding story will reveal, experiences for a female employed in the adult entertainment industry during the generation when it was illegal to participate in the production of sex films, were anything but ordinary.

     My interviews with twenty-five incisive female personalities: performers, directors, costumers and scriptwriters, are documented in the following pages. They range in age between forty-six and seventy-six years. Starting with their childhood years and closing with the present day, each woman has communicated her story through honest reflections and multifarious assessments of life and work within the adult motion picture community. Some of the featured women pursued assorted roles during the Golden Era of X-rated films, while others were occupied in a single capacity. A handful of females presented in this account are still actively involved in a facet of sexual entertainment. Because this book has its lens on women who worked for the erotic film industry, each chapter also contains film highlights.

     These eccentric, imperfect women, who dared to walk on the wild side, are also some of the most gorgeous, vivacious, outrageous, intelligent and ethical people anyone would ever want to meet. I don’t profess to have familiarity with today’s trends in pornographic movie productions, but I have been made well aware there is a vast difference between the caliber of performer and content available today and yesteryear. Without question, my expedition has been incredible, and I believe it has reaffirmed for me that I am bolder than I might have been had I chosen a safer sojourn. It is my hope that I have presented each woman’s story respectfully, with dignity, and without agenda." ~ Jill C. Nelson

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