Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Modern Mousai Women

This week, after a summer long double editing process, I've re-read and returned my manuscript to the hands of the good folks at BearManor Media who will (thankfully) incorporate an index before the book goes off to typesetter extraordinaire Brian Pearce. With a final proof to go, I've been assured if all goes well, "Golden Goddesses" will be published in the fall as hoped. I'm very excited by this news, and will be soon be making plans for the book's official release. In the interim, I'd like put the spotlight on a fellow female author and friend, Heather Drain. For those of you who don't know her, Heather (aka Mondo Heather) is a gifted professional writer with expertise in fringe art, particularly in the areas of film and music. She is a contributor to several magazines, websites and forums. Heather also composes regularly on her own blog where she provides readers with flashes of brilliant insights and analysis into the world of film, art and various other musings. Her sensational reviews are personally stamped with wit and extraordinary style.  A superb wordsmith, Drain writes from the gut; she masterfully scrapes down to the core of a subject or character throughout her retrospectives and is a positive role model for anyone who has ever dared to let their fingers do the talking. I mention Heather today in part because I would like to give credence to the magnificent modern day Mousai she is: In Greek mythology, ancient Goddesses that inspired music and the artistic cultures of dance, writing and poetry were named "The Mousai" or "Muses". Not unlike the Goddesses I have chosen to feature in my book, Heather clearly fills the shoes as one who inspires and as one who is inspired. She is a great supporter of Golden Goddesses, but also a friend and colleague who has propped me up when occasionally, I've felt overwhelmed. Recently, I asked Heather to contribute something personal for the back cover of the book. I am honoured and encouraged by her words and can only hope the book lives up to her kind praise:

"There have been very few writers who have managed to write about this revolutionary era of cinema with such a level of respect, warmth and intelligence like Jill Nelson. Golden Goddesses is a present to the curious, converted and most importantly, to the pioneering women who bucked the status quo concepts of what "nice girls" should or shouldn't do. The women featured here are artists, writers, mothers, sisters and daughters, each of whose stories are unique and human. Nelson has captured all of this and more, beautifully with Golden Goddesses." -- Heather Drain, Film Writer

Thank you, Heather: "Mondo Mousai". ♥

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