Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Moon in the Gutter' Interview with Jeremy Richey

Golden Goddess: Jody Maxwell
     About six weeks ago, fellow writer and film critic, Jeremy Richey, invited me to participate in a Q&A for part of an ongoing regular series he features at his blog, Moon in the Gutter. I was delighted to discuss how a A Life Measured in Inches and Golden Goddesses come into being and was pleased to have been asked to join his impressive line-up of interviewees. I'd like to encourage readers to check out Richey's excellent blog to peruse Richey's interviews and terrific extensive writings about film and film personalities. The link to our interview is here: Moon in the Gutter Interview with Jeremy Richey
      In the coming weeks, Jeremy will be sharing his impressions of Golden Goddesses.

     Thanks again, Jeremy!

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  1. Thanks again Jill...what an honor and all the best of luck with your wonderful new book!