Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
Front Cover: Serena

Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Golden Goddesses" is now available for Kindle readers and other devices!

"Golden Goddesses" Cake at Hustler Launch
Great news! Just in time for the holidays: Golden Goddesses is now available for purchase through for all kindle devices at $14.95.  Readers can send Golden Goddesses directly to their kindle instruments or download the free kindle apps for kindle fire, iPad PCs, Android tablets, PC or Mac for access. Many readers have remarked how they appreciate the way the book is designed so that one can virtually open to any chapter without necessarily starting at the beginning. The kindle version presents the photos at the end of each chapter. Please follow this link for more information: Golden Goddesses in kindle format.

As I've done throughout the process of developing this book, I'd like to share a glimpse of my chapter on Kitten Natividad titled Sex "Kitten" Natividad. I was thrilled to finally met Kitten for the first time last month at our book launch in Los Angeles. She's a wonderful person, full of life, and kind. I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and safe holiday season. :)

     Brazen, buxom and brassy, “Kitten” Natividad, former burlesque queen, Pin-Up girl, and adult film actress, has delighted in arousing male sexual fantasies for four decades. 
     Born in Mexico in 1948 to a teenage bride, Francesca Isabelle Natividad was three years old when her parents divorced. Before the age of ten, Francesca and her mother immigrated to El Paso, Texas where they settled in with her new stepfather. Natividad adapted easily to her congenial surroundings and dutifully assisted with her younger siblings. While engaged in secondary school studies, a relative hooked the young teenager up to keep house for actor Stella Stevens in Hollywood for summer work where Natividad flourished. After graduating from grade twelve, Francesca was hired as a key punch operator but quickly became unfulfilled by the monotony of her work. At the advice of a friend, she decided to audition as a Go-Go dancer, and ultimately became an exotic dancer, a profession she found to be gratifying and profitable. During her early years as a stripper, Natividad adopted the stage name “Kitten”. While married to her second husband, Kitten was introduced to sexploitation director, Russ Meyer. She
became a star prodigy after her provocative debut as an orator in the cult classic Up! (1976). Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixons (1977) followed as did a lengthy relationship with Meyer, and subsequently, several breast augmentation surgeries that provided Kitten with a forty-four inch chest.
     “It was a normal childhood. My mother started working at the same time my father worked and went to college. I came home from school, did homework and made the dinner ─ there were no hobbies. I did like to put on the radio and dance around the house doing housework. My childhood was definitely not the life that kids have today. I was very responsible as a child. I can’t say anything terrible about my childhood. I don’t feel bad about my childhood because it taught me one thing: I didn’t want any children when I grew up. I remember those two a.m. feedings. My mother would go to work so she called on me – I’m the oldest one – to go get the baby and change his diaper; give him his bottle. I thought, “Is this what I have to look forward to?” Not for me. I’m from the era of baby boomers and we are different from other generations. We started doing things differently and we behaved differently.
     As a teenager, I loved the way Bridget Bardot looked. I wish I looked like her, and I loved Natalie Wood. Honestly, I get bored talking about the beginnings of my life because it’s so long ago and there aren’t any big highlights. I had no tits and I was a very skinny girl. I wasn’t boy crazy or anything, but I was into being the popular one – the clown. I enjoyed it a lot because I got attention.”
     “I was already married when I met Russ [Meyer] and I was working at the Classic Cat. At the time, he had the movie Supervixons (1975) out and the star of his movie, Shari Eubank, was working at the club. She was a beautiful girl, a very sweet girl from Illinois. They told him that he should come and check me out because I was the kind of woman he liked for his films. He came by while he was working on another film called UP! He said, ‘You’re so hot looking, I want to put you in that film no matter what.’” 
     “Russ Meyer did not do porn films. I love him to death. He’s dead now, but I have to come to his defense. Later, I did some Triple-X films, but Russ would be rolling in his grave because he could not compete with porn.”
    “When I went into porn, I was in bad shape. I was a lush by that time. When I quit, I didn’t miss it at all, and now, I don’t drink either. I went through a phase and now it’s over. When I stopped drinking my life got back on track and I’m doing okay. Sometimes my friends will ask me to have a drink and I think why should I get started again? One might lead to two, and that might lead to more. I don’t want that. I do go to AA to remind me not to drink. I’ve enjoyed my life whether it was bad or good. Sometimes I didn’t know it was bad!”
    “A lot of girls just don’t last in the business. They might be dysfunctional or they are just overnighters. On the other hand, some of them who did have a horrible life were able to make themselves stars. I am so proud, of Jenna Jameson. She’s worth forty-five million dollars or something and she’s very smart. You know, one of the strippers I danced with came from a wealthy family and she was given everything and people would say, ‘Why is she a stripper, she comes from a great family?’
      I’d turn around and say, ‘Hey! I come from a great family and I’m doing this!’ You get my drift.”

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