Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Updates!

There is no better way to embrace the spring season with a wonderful new book review to post. This one is courtesy of the lovely Julie Meadows, aka Lydia Lee, posted on her blog,, yesterday.

Amber Lynn, Los Angeles, July 2011
The following two paragraphs are excerpted from Julie's review, but the entire piece can be accessed here: Golden Goddesses review.

     "One brilliant aspect of this book is the way that walking us through the lives of twenty-five notable women during porn’s golden era also affords us a gradual history of the adult industry. Get to know Ann Perry, for instance, and you also come to see the 60s and 70s through a natural progression of cultural sexual expression–from “Nudie Cuties”, to Russ Meyer films, to more explicit “loops”; before the explosive crossover success of plot-driven films like Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door. Meet Marilyn Chambers and you also meet The Mitchell Brothers. Rhonda Jo Petty introduces us to agent, Jim South, who would become a mainstay in the adult industry for years to come."
     "More intriguing than just a chronology of adult movies and its stars, though, is author Jill C. Nelson’s literary perspective. Each story is carefully cultivated, highlighting each woman in intimate ways particular to her basic personality traits and sensibilities. It’s a refreshing perspective because she isn’t put off by their vulnerabilities and doesn’t shy away from their brass. These stories are simple, unapologetic, respectful and presented in whole; accompanied by childhood snapshots, as well as career photographs. This is all just a long way of saying this book isn’t just cleverly titled. Jill C. Nelson’s skilled pen invokes each goddess with kindness, poise, reverie, and above all, real and touching humanity."

I'd like to personally thank Julie, not only for her praise of the book, but also for taking the time to articulate so beautifully her impressions and insights. :)

* On May 1st, two great guys, Mike and Rob from The Projection Booth, aired our recent interview which also features an in-depth, shoot-from-the-hip interview with the amazing actress and director Veronica Hart/Jane Hamilton. We both weighed in on Jane's seminal role in the production of A Scent of Heather (1980) directed by Bill Milling, and also touched on other subjects pertaining to the book and to the adult industry, in general. To listen to the broadcast or to download the episode, please visit this link: The Projection Booth: A Scent of Heather (112). Thanks again, Mike and Rob, for inviting me to be a part of this terrific episode.

* Lastly, to listen to (or download) one of the recent Classic Rock Radio interviews featuring Ginger Lynn discussing the book and her career on 92 KQRS last Friday April 26th in Minnesota, please click on the following link: 92 KQRS. Ginger gets huge props for doing a phemonenal job flying solo. Enjoy!

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