Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

News about Ebay Sale!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather! I've been taking some time off this summer from promotion for the book and also working on a new writing project but will be posting news soon about an upcoming podcast. In the meantime, I'd like to bring your attention to a major Ebay sale with several John Holmes films and material available to own. John Holmes worked with many of the women featured in Golden Goddesses. This very special collection is the first of its kind and will go quickly. Please read details below:
(P.S. This is not my sale.)

Ebay description
Alright, the motherload is here! This collection of videos is as large as John Holmes himself... These videos were used in the research for both the documentary Wadd and for the John Holmes biography, A Life Measured in Inches. Val Kilmer also used some of these videos as research for his role in the film Wonderland.

Included is a ton of VHS tapes along with a large collection of classic Blue Vanities loops on DVD. Basically every star of the Golden Age of Porn is featured somewhere in this collection. Also included is Georgina Spelvin's autobiography The Devil Made Me Do It as well as an unproduced screenplay for the film Wonderland. This collection is huge so the shipping is really expensive.

1. Undulations
2. Girls on Fire
3. Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here
4. Four Women in Trouble
5. Bedtime Video #1
6. New York City Woman
7. Around the World with Johnny Wadd
8. Pizza Girls (2 copies)
9. Candy Samples Video Review
10. John Holmes Exposed
11. John Holmes E! True Hollywood Story
12. Hot Nurses
13. Wadd: The Life & Times of John C. Holmes
14. Strangers When We Mate
15. Autobiography of a Flea
16. Jade Pussycat
17. John Holmes Superstar
18. The Seka Story
19. Flesh & Laces Part II
20. Honeysuckle Rose
21. Lottery Lust
22. The Best of Gail Palmer
23. Cream Rinse
24. Spirit of Seventy-Sex
25. Prisoner of Paradise
26. Flight Sensations
27. The Erotic Adventures of Candy
28. I'm Always Ready
29. The Rise of the Roman Empress #1
30. The Devil in Mr. Holmes
31. Flesh & Laces Part I
32. Marina Vice
33. The Grafenburg Spot
34. The Angel in Mr. Holmes
35. Garters & Lace
36. Rockin' with Seka
37. Bedtime Video #10
38. Oriental Kitten
39. The Kowloon Connection
40. Saturday Night Beaver
41. Sex as You Like It
42. Barbara Broadcast
43. John Holmes is Supercock
44. John Holmes: Master Cocksman
45. Taxi Girls
46. John Holmes: 60's Loops
47. Great Tits Of Our Time
48. John Holmes Interview
49. Extreme Closeups
50. Court TV: Wonderland
51. Cheri
52. Tropic of Passion
53. Dracula Exotica
54. Singlehanded

55-72 Blue Vanities Loops From the '60s-80s

73. The Opening of Misty Beethoven
74. XXXL The John Holmes Story
75. Exhausted
76. China Cat
77. California Gigolo
78. Young John Holmes Collection

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