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Monday, September 29, 2014

Spotlight on Francesca "Kitten" Natividad


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It's been quite some time since I last updated this blog.  For the last fifteen months, I've been busy writing a memoir inspired by a six month teenage hitchhiking and youth hostelling trip I made with a friend across the west coast of Canada, down into Oregon, and California. The book, 1976: Tapes from California, slated for a 2015 release, will recreate characters and experiences encountered along our journey. 
     My goal is to begin work on a second edition of Golden Goddesses later this year. I hope to include a few new mini-profiles and photos in the updated version of the book.
     Today I am delighted to feature new excerpts from "Golden Goddesses" highlighting Kitten(Francesca) Natividad.  The excerpts are from chapter twelve titled "Sex 'Kitten' Natividad."
     From the very beginning of this project, Kitten has been supportive and enthusiastic, and since the book's release, Francesca's support and love have continued.
      In November 2012, I was honoured to meet Kitten for the first time when she made a special appearance at our book launch at the Hustler store in Hollywood.  It was almost two years after I had first interviewed her over the telephone.  Kitten was also a special guest the following evening at Larry Edmunds Bookshop, and was a part of our reunion evening last October when six of the ladies gathered together at Larry Edmunds for an unforgettable Q&A (covered by Peter Cook). 
     Strong, open, honest, brash and fun-loving, Francesca is a remarkable woman and human being.  She will always remain close to my heart.

Please enjoy the following excerpts from "Sex 'Kitten' Natividad":

Born in Mexico in 1948 to a teenage bride, Francesca Isabelle Natividad was three years old when her parents divorced.  Before the age of ten, Francesca and her mother immigrated to El Paso, Texas where they settled in with her new stepfather. While engaged in secondary school studies, a relative hooked the young teenager up to keep house for actor Stella Stevens (in Hollywood) for summer work where Natividad flourished. After graduating from grade twelve, Francesca was hired as a key punch operator, but quickly became unfulfilled by the monotony of her work. Later, at the advice of friend, she decided to auditon as a Go-Go dancer, and ultimately, became an exotic dancer, a profession she found to be gratifying ad profitable. During her early years as a stripper, Natividad adopted the stage name "Kitten."

"It was a normal childhood. My mother started working at the same time my father worked and went to college.  I came home from school, did homework and made the dinner -- there were no hobbies. I did like to put on the radio and dance around the house doing housework. 
     My childhood was definitely not the life that kids have today.  I was very responsible as a child.  I can't say anything terrible about my childhood.  I don't feel bad about my childhood because it taught me one thing: I didn't want any children when I grew up.  I remember those two a.m. feedings.
I am from the era of baby boomers and we are different from other generations.  We started doing things differently and we behaved differently."

"A friend of mine who lived across from where I lived had a sister who was a dancer.  She told me how much money she made, and I thought. 'Oh, my god, I've got to get that job!' and I did.  When I first started dancing I was single, and eventually, I gave it up because I got married.  When I met him, I was around nineteen and he was around sixty-four.  He told me if I went back to dancing it was over.  After nine months, we annulled it.  That was fine with me.

"My reason for getting into stripping and adult entertainment is that I really enjoyed the attention.  It was my decision to get into it, and into the dancing.  It was also for the money.  I have to tell you that money is at the top of my list -- and the men. You do meet a lot of guys, of course.  My heart, my everything belonged to dancing and stripping.  I was a stripper first.  The reason I intially got into porn is because it would reach out to more men.  I did the layouts to make a name for myself."

"[Russ Meyer] hired me as a narrator and that's how it started.  After that, he kept asking me out and I said, 'I can't go to dinner, I'm married,' and then finally, I don't know how it happen, it just happened. We started dating each other.  I eventually had to make a decison go leave my second husband, but I didn't have any regrets because he was too much of a control freak.  He has passed away already.  It's all very complicated."

"When I started with Russ -- those were not pornographic movies.  He was not a pornographer.  It was T&A, baby.  They were nude films, period.  Russ Meyer did not do porn films. 
     I love him to death.  He's dead now, but I have to come to his defense.  Later, I did some Triple-X films, but Russ would be rolling in his grave because he could not compete with porn."

"He's the one I should have married. We had our own residences, but Russ paid my rent and he lived with me at my place.  In other words, he had his own place but I wouldn't live there because it looked like a factory.  He worked out of there.  I didn't want to sleep there so we lived and ate at my house, an then he'd go to work at his house. 
     His work was tunnel vision.  He lived, breathed it, and slept it."

"When I went into porn I was in bad shape.  I was a lush by that time.  When I quit, I didn't miss it at all, and now, I don't drink either.  I went through a phase and now it's over.  When I stopped drinking, my life got back on track and I'm doing okay.  Sometimes my friends will ask me to have a drink and I think why should I get started again?  One might lead to two, and that might lead to more.  I don't want that.  I do go to AA to remind myself not to drink."

"I've always believed to be the best that you can, and be clever with your costumes and music and movement.  Enjoy, and you'll go far.  It shows when you're enjoying yourself, and if you're up on stage, everyone will enjoy your show.  When I was stripping, I could tell if someone wanted to be there or not."

 "I've enjoyed my life whether it was bad or good.  Sometimes, I didn't know it was bad!"

 Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Classic Erotic Cinema,1968-1985 © 2012 Jill C. Nelson

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