Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Golden Age Appreciation Fund Thanks You

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who made a contribution to our beautiful, beloved Goddess and friend, Kay Parker, through The Golden Age Appreciation Fund these past three weeks. Almost $3000.00 was raised! That's a lot of love!
    For full details, and to read Kay's letter of acknowledgment and gratitude sent to Ashley West of Rialto Report and TGAAF, please visit
    We'd also like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who helped to promote this fundraiser, and TGAAF, in general. This is the first of many future projects.
    A personal thanks to Mark Murray and Ashley West for getting the ball rolling, and for inviting me to come along for the ride. You guys are the best.
   Sending luck and love your way, Kay!


  1. Just read this. Glad there was help. How is Kay doing at this time?

  2. Hi Louie,

    Kay is doing extremely well. She is siutated in a new home -- a location of her dreams. Thank you for inquiring.