Golden Goddesses

Golden Goddesses
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Golden Age Appreciation Fund launch -- First recipient: Kay Parker


Photo by Kenji
A few weeks ago, I was invited by Rialto Report's Ashley West to join him and veteran cult/adult researcher Mark Murray in establishing an ongoing fundraising initiative for classic adult film legends in financial crisis.  It is no secret that vintage erotic film luminaries were grossly underpaid during the years when the adult film industry was breaking new ground in every conceivable way, generating millions of dollars for the industry while negating to adequately renumerate those who put their names and faces on the line -- in front or behind the camera and on box covers. Today, many legendary fan favourites and stars of the blue screen are in a financial bind, struggling to achieve a quality of life as they continue to age.  Most recently, Ashley West spoke with Kay Parker and was astonished to learn she has found herself homeless and struggling to collect the downpayment and last month's rent, plus a security deposit for a place of her own.  Earlier this year, Rialto Report featured Kay in a full length podcast; it remains one of the most popular RR episodes.    It was decided that we would reach out to try to assist Kay during the holiday season, and hopefully raise money to assist with her new housing.
   To do this, we have set up The Golden Age Appreciation Fund (TGAAF), an ongoing initiative that will assist retired adult folks throughout the year. To launch our campaign, we are highlighting Kay's immediate need, and also making it easy for anyone who wishes to make a donation to her. Together we can help Kay get back into a place of her own.
   Kay is a sweet friend and a wonderful soul. Though she works part-time as a spiritual counselor, her work does not generate enough income to come up with the necessary funds to move.
   We are asking that you consider making a donation at the following link. This is a non-profit initiative and every penny donated to Kay will go directly to her.

   We intend to keep this fund drive open over the entire holiday season and it will run until Friday 9th January 2015. Please give anything you can - no donation is too small - and feel free to also leave your message to Kay with the donation. We will ensure that it is all passed on to her.

Thanks so much, and have a very Happy and safe Holiday Season. ☮

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